MAAT 60.1Aerospace Carbon Torayca® 60HM1K766 Black Red

We have a mission to create the fastest bikes available. This mission applies not only to road bikes, but also to the track. We set out to make the fastest bike possible for this discipline and analyzed each and every aspect of the track bike and looked for areas where it could be improved.
Collaborating with top athletes including those of the British Cycling Federation in preparation for the Olympic games, we were able to gather priceless information and feedback that permitted our engineers and experts at the PinarelloLab to create the most advanced and highest performing solution for track racing available today.
The MAAT has a specific track racing geometry that is made for pure speed and biomechanical efficiency. The frame structure for a track bike must be quite different than that of bikes made for other disciplines as the demands of this sport are quite unique.
To create a more explosive frame a new tube structure was developed to insure rigidity and reactiveness. The ultra-oversized down tube with a trapezoidal tube structure assure optimum power transfer and eliminate any lateral flex.
The MAAT’s fork is also extremely rigid and responsive thanks to its wide stance, carbon reinforcement and anti-flex vertical columns. With the same objective of improving power transfer the engineers in the PinarelloLab have developed the widest available steer tube on the market. The 1 1/4″ – 1 3/4″ steer tube along with a wider fork design offer unparalleled front end stiffness with increased control.
Feedback from professional athletes proved to be fundamental in designing the MAAT’s revolutionary new handlebar. Top athletes expressed a need for a handlebar that was more rigid and flexed less.
They also voiced concerns about handlebar designs that limited their freedom of movement, often times hitting their knees during sprints. Our engineers specifically designed the the most rigid handlebar available in addition to developing a sprint specific geometry that gives greater freedom of movement.
Ergonomic bends were studied for a more aggressive and efficient position and grip. 4 bolt closure for a safer, stiffer and more effective clamp.
These technological advancements, along with the following combine to make the most efficient track bike available: Asymmetric rear triangle, Serrated/grooved design on dropout walls to improve wheel positioning, Dropout regulator for perfect fit and safer closure, Airfoil seat tube design Hidden seat clamp on rear of seat tube.