DOGMA XM 9.9Carbon 65HM3K Torayca®XM01

Stiff as a road bike, suspended only when needed, without any remote control! this is the Onda Curve Asymmetric™!

The dream of every biker? it’s obvious: to have a bike that dampens only if necessary. Until now, this was possible only by remote controls. Our rear quadrilateral Onda Curve Asymmetric™ changes all that because it is very firm on flat ground and it works only on uneven terrain. It is a unique combination of technologies.
Most frames on the market today have about 6 points of rotation with bushings.
This almost always takes place near the wheel or the bottom bracket. The sixth rotation point is always active, regardless of terrain, and therefore results in an inevitable weak point, a heavy point since there are bushings and screws, a point which requires constant maintenance and cleaning .
All this no longer exists in Dogma XM, we have eliminated the weak point!
Our rear stay Onda Curve Asymmetric™ has only 5 flex points, an extraordinary monocoque in which the kinematics functions thanks to its exclusive carbon flexible arm that makes the quadrilateral rigid on even grounds and flexible only on uneven grounds.
You can easily imagine the benefits of this: a stiffer and more reactive bike, active and absorbing only if clearly needed.
A cutting edge technology derived directly from the rocker arms of Formula One cars, special materials and a particular lay up of carbon that allow a precise and controlled flexion able to rotate our rear quadrilateral Onda Curve Asymmetric™ with extraordinary and infinite precision… just when you need it!


S 420.00 578.00 92.00 444.00 1097.00 321.00 73.00 69.75 90.00 89.80 80.00 170.00
M 450.00 597.00 92.00 444.00 1116.00 321.00 73.00 69.75 90.00 89.80 90.00 175.00
L 490.00 616.00 98.00 444.00 1130.00 321.00 73.00 70.25 90.00 84.60 100.00 175.00
XL 530.00 629.00 116.00 444.00 1141.00 321.00 73.00 70.50 90.00 82.90 100.00 175.00