BOLIDE TTCarbon T1100899 Team Sky

The new creation of the Pinarello Lab is an evolution of Pinarello Bolide, nowadays the benchmark of time trial bikes. Now Bolide TT is born, setting a new standard in the research of the maximum performance.

The development of Bolide TT started from the experience and the work done in lasts years.

The main objectives of this project were a drastic reduction of the weight, keeping same stiffness and aerodynamics as the current Bolide.

The final result is a reduction of 350 g of the total weight of the frame kit and an improvement of the aerodynamic performance.

How was this feasible?

Pinarello Lab made a careful analysis of all features used on the frame. We optimized their design and used the finest materials to match the production process. For this reason we revised the structure of the fork; seatpost clamp is now similar to the one used in our road models; the bottom bracket is now Italian thread; the rear dropouts are made in alloy; we reviewed the internal arrangement of the components for the electronic groupsets in order to optimize the construction of the frame.

We improved also the cabon fiber layup: we made a widespread use of Torayca T1100 fiber to get absolute stiffness and a reduction in weight.

We pushed further the aerodynamic features through a detailed analysis of the influence of each part of the frame.

We designed new fork’s dropouts with airfoil section, directly derived from Bolide HR; a sloping top tube with an optimized airfoil section; a new downtube with concave flatback and section specifically designed to accommodate the water bottle; Twin Force seatpost clamp; we developed a new trailing edge for the rear brake cover..


450.00 488.00 101.23 77.00 72.00 558.85 395.00 70.00 57.00 43.00 368.50 379.53 460.75
485.00 507.00 109.10 77.00 72.50 575.79 395.00 82.00 62.00 43.00 368.50 395.96 478.72
520.00 526.00 116.97 77.00 73.00 593.19 395.00 96.00 62.00 43.00 368.50 413.01 493.63
550.00 545.00 123.72 77.00 73.00 614.27 395.00 110.00 62.00 43.00 368.50 430.11 507.02