BOLIDEAerospace Carbon 65HM1K Torayca®827

Bolide: from Greek βολίς bolis – missile.

For over a year Pinarello Lab technicians and engineers, in close collaboration with Team Sky, have worked to improve the time trial bike which swept the 2012 Tour de France. And they have created a real BOLIDE. If it is true that all bike manufacturers start from aerodynamics to create a time-trial bike, only a few go so far as to investigate the impact of the air flow on every single component with the manic approach as it was for us on this project. An extraordinary labor that allows the BOLIDE to reduce by 15% the total aerodynamic impact, compared to the Graal.

The major developments for the aerodynamics are:
the use of new airfoil tube sections, that are designed to ensure the lowest aerodynamic resistance in all wind conditions (frontal, lateral, etc.), as well as, in certain conditions, to generate a forward thrust; The use of a „concave back“ on the seat tube, to allow a closer position of the rear wheel, significantly improving the air flow in that area; complete integration of the brakes, which “hides” them from the air flow, greatly reducing aerodynamic resistance internal cable routing that optimizes the interaction between the airfoils and the air flow, in addition to an aesthetic impact, innovative for a racing bike;
integrated handlebar, which gives a unique continuity with the frame and greatly reduce the resistance, compared to a traditional stem and bar; the integration of battery and electronic controllers, completely hidden inside the frame of the BOLIDE;
electronic shifter controls integrated into the handlebar, which further reduces the turbulence in the frontal area of the bike.
Another important improvement is the stiffness of the frame.
This, allows the rider to utilize all the power he generates.
This stiffness is a „trademark“ of Pinarello and has been obtained through the structural optimization of the tubes: unlike traditional aerodynamic airfoils, the sections we have developed to optimize the aerodynamics, while maintaining almost constant stiffness compared to the Graal; a tapered headset with 1″ 1/8 and 1″ 1/4 bearings, which gives a perfect compromise between handling and aerodynamic performances; asymmetric chainstays, Pinarello’s DNA, oppose the asymmetric forces created by the power applied to the chain;
the lay-up optimization of the carbon layers, to reinforce specifically the more stressed areas of the frame; the use of our new and unique Torayca 65HM1K, which allows an overall weight reduction of the frame, with unequalled structural characteristics compared to the conventional fibers.
BOLIDE is special also for the myriad of small details that can be seen: the most noticeable are the hidden brakes: completely designed by Pinarello LAB, they disappear under two covers to reduce the incidence of wind that, create uncontrollable turbulence in those areas; a new bottom bracket BB86 to maximize the stiffness in this crucial point of the frame; a new removable front derailleur hanger: for flat races the derailleur can be completely removed, replacing it with a special plate;

Think2: the BOLIDE is fully compatible with both mechanical and electronic groupsets; the position of the water bottle can be lowered towards the bottom bracket to increase aerodynamic performance; the sections of the down tube are optimized to “hide” the bottle from the airflow; horizontal rear dropouts (as normally used on track bikes), in order to adjust and move the wheel closer to the frame; in the bottom bracket there is a special area designed to accommodate the SRM ® sensor.
BOLIDE is obviously a frame approved by the UCI, and it is therefore may be raced in any international competition recognized by the UCI.
BOLIDE has reduced the aerodynamic drag by 15% and the total weight by 5%, from the Graal.
A technological BOLIDE, a concentration of innovation and Italian craftsmanship, a new accomplishment for Pinarello.


450.00 525.00 488.00 101.00 77.00° 72.00° 557.00 385.00 74.00 62.00 43.00 368,5 377.00 469.00
525.00 550.00 514.00 118.00 77.00° 73.00° 582.00 385.00 94.00 62.00 43.00 368,5 402.00 492.00
550.00 565.00 545.00 123.00 77.00° 73.00° 614.00 385.00 110.00 62.00 43.00 368,5 430.00 508.00